Easy Guava Pastries Recipe

The easiest and best Pastilitos recipe around! You have to taste just how delicious these Easy Guava Pastries are to make. The best with a cup of coffee! | @AFewShortcuts #recipes #dessert #breakfast #cuban

Quick & Easy Cuban Black Beans

These quick and easy Cuban black beans are fast to prepare, yet taste like you spent hours slaving away in the kitchen! Made with canned black beans, which means NO soaking is required, and ready in 25 minutes or less, these beans will become a staple in your house! (Healthy,[…]

Smoke & Fire

160 pages 100 illustrations Hardcover with a jacket Published June 2016 Dimensions: W 9.6 x L 11.29 x D 1.02 inIn Smoke & Fire, journalist and author Holly Peterson shares themed menus for delightful outdoor gatherings. She has worked with chefs across the country to feature incredible dishes for a[…]